University of Zagreb
Faculty of Agriculture
Department of Dairy Science
The Reference laboratory
for milk and dairy products

Svetošimunska 25
10000 Zagreb, HR

T. +385 (0)1 239 3942
F. +385 (0)1 239 3988
E. rlm@agr.hr

Iva Horvat Kesić, B. Sc. in agronomy

Technical Manager of Reference Laboratory
Iva Horvat Kesić
, B. Sc. in agronomy

Senior expert associate
Department of Dairy Science
Pavilion 2nd, 1st floor
tel: +385 01 239 3904
e-mail: ihorvat@agr.hr

Undergraduate study
Laboratory technology

Research interest
Analytical methods of milk and dairy products

Academic qualifications
2000 – Graduate work
University of Zagreb-Faculty of Agriculture

Work experience
December, 2001 – now
University of Zagreb - Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Dairy Science, Reference Laboratory for Milk and Dairy Products

2000 - 2001
University of Zagreb-Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Technology, Storage and Transport




Seminar “Experience of Croatian Accreditation Agency assessors (HAA)”,
Zagreb, Croatia, Croatian accreditation agency (HAA).


Seminar “Acreditation and warranty of quality”, Zagreb, Croatia, HAA and Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK).

Workshop “Proficiency testing” (IPA, 2008) Ljubljana, Slovenia.

39th Croatian dairy experts symposium with international participation", Opatija, Croatia, Croatian Dairy Union (HMU).


Seminar “Proficiency testing”, Zagreb, Croatia, LGC.

Seminar “Further capacity building in the area of live animals and food products?, Zagreb, Croatia, CARDS.

Workshop “Uncertainty of Measurement in Practical Application to Wine and Milk Fields”, Zagreb, Croatia, State Office for Metrology (DZM) and HAA.

Seminar “Acreditation and warranty of quality”, Zagreb, Croatia, HAA and HGK.

3rd International Conference “Laboratory Competence”, Cavtat, Croatia, The Society of Croatian Laboratories (CROLAB).

Seminar “Standards that are used in laboratory work “, Zagreb, Croatia, CROLAB.


2nd International Conference “Laboratory Competence - new approach”, Cavtat, Croatia, CROLAB.

Seminar “Statistical methods for analysis of results”, Zagreb, Croatia, Croatian Metrology Society (HMD).


37th Croatian dairy experts symposium with international participation, Lovran, Croatia, HMU.

Seminar “Technical legislation and application of standards in the economy”, Zagreb, Croatia, HGK.

Seminar “Element analysis C/H/N/O/S, halogens and TOC”, Zagreb, Croatia, Biotehnika d.o.o., Instrumentalia d.o.o. and Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH.

“Analytica 2006”, München, Germany.


Seminar “Application of norm HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005”, Zagreb, Croatia, Croatian Standards Institute (HZN).

Seminar “News in laboratory accreditation”, Zagreb, Croatia, HAA.

Seminar “Inner independent assessment in laboratory”, Zagreb, Croatia, HMD.


Seminar “New in Foss”, Zagreb, Croatia, FOSS.

Seminar "Reziduals in milk", Zagreb, Croatia, Croatian agricultural agency (HPA).


Training “Handling of Instruments Foss Electric Milkoscan 120, Bactoscan FC and Fossomatic 90, Zagreb, Croatia, FOSS.


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