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PhD. Šimun Zamberlin
Senior expert associate
Department of Dairy Science
Pavilion 2nd, 1st floor
tel: +385 01 239 3904
e-mail: szamberlin@agr.hr

Undergraduate study
Laboratory technology
Milk and Dairy Products

Graduate study
Fermented milks
Dairy microbiology

Research interests
Fermentation of milk
Microbiology of milk and dairy products
Analytical methods for analysis of milk and dairy products

Academic qualifications
2013. – Dissertation
University of Zagreb – Faculty of Agriculture

1999. – Graduate work

University of Zagreb - Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology
Course: Biochemical engineering

Work experience
June, 2002 – now
University of Zagreb - Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Dairy Science
Reference Laboratory for Milk and Dairy Products



14. international conference „Laboratory competence 2018“. Croatian Laboratories (CROLAB). Trakošćan, Croatia.

2. International Congress on Food Safety and Quality: Food Life Cycle, Opatija, Hrvatska.


The 42st Croatian dairy experts symposium, Lovran, Croatia, Croatian Dairy Union.


Seminar „Proficiency testing – Welcome to EU“, LGC Standards, Zagreb


Workshop “Proficiency testing” (IPA 2008), Bled, Slovenia.
39th Croatian dairy experts symposium with international participation, Opatija, Croatia, Croatian Dairy Union (HMU).


Workshop “Proficiency testing and statistical analysis”, Institute for Reference materials and measurements (IRMM), Geel, Belgium.


Seminar “Planning, application and evaluation of inner quality assurance of results”, Zagreb, Croatia, Croatian Metrology Society (HMD).

Seminar “Internal audits in laboratories”, Zagreb, Croatia, HMD.


Rheology Workshop and Seminar, Brežice, Slovenia.

Seminar “Dairy Microbiology”, Domžale, Slovenia.

Seminar “Organisation of laboratory according to norm HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025”, Zagreb, Croatia, Croatian accreditation agency (HAA).

Seminar “ISO Forum Croaticum”, Zagreb, Croatia, Croatian chamber of economy (HGK).


Seminar “Interlaboratory comparison”, Zagreb, Croatia, CROLAB.

Seminar “Measurement uncertainty of analytical results”, Zagreb, Croatia, HMD. 


Seminar “Further capacity building in the area of live animals and food products”, Zagreb, Croatia, CARDS.

Seminar “Residues in milk”, Zagreb, Croatia, Croatian agricultural agency (HPA).

Seminar “Validation of microbiological methods”, Zagreb, Croatia, HMD.

Training “Handling of The Instrument Foss Electric Bactoscan FC”, Križevci, Croatia, FOSS.

Seminar “Metrology in Chemistry”, Zagreb, Croatia, HMD.


Training “Handling of Instruments Foss Electric Milkoscan 120, Bactoscan FC and Fossomatic 90”, Zagreb, Croatia, FOSS.

Scientific and professional pROJECTS
2015.–2017, „Innovative technology in controlling of milk vending machines in order to increase the quality and competitiveness of the producers“. Ministry of Agriculture, VIP-project. Nataša Mikulec, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture.

2014–2015, „Improving the technology of production of goat milk by determining the physiological limit of urea concentration“. Ministry of Agriculture,  VIP-project. Neven Antunac, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture, Zagreb.

2012-2014., "Quality control of cheeses on the market in order to increase competitiveness". Ministry of Agriculture, VIP-project. Jasmina Havranek, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture.

2007–2013., "Functional dairy products from sheep milk". Ministry of Science, Education and Sports RH. Dubravka Samaržija, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture.


Member of working group for Proficiency Testing of Croatian Accreditation Agency.


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